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A Human Megaphone

After great personal tragedy, I found myself again in video games and the rest was history. Now, I’m a Brooklyn girl in a California world.
My name is Venisia Gonzalez and I am a video game industry contractor, published author, freelance entertainment journalist, public relations manager, copy editor, a co-organizer of the Latinx Games Festival, and a member of the Latinx in Gaming and the Puerto Rico Game Developers (PRGD) community.
After the passing of my only daughter, I rediscovered myself in video games thanks in part to the lasting friendships I built. My love of gaming and writing led to a career in entertainment journalism. This focus paved the way to where I am today. I specialize in public relations for the video game industry, entertainment, and esports for people of color.

My passion is video games. I love the adrenaline rush from a multiplayer match and understand the frustrations of a brand-new raid. I find immense value in gaming especially in the realm of mental health. So much so, that I wrote an article about How Gaming Saved My Life for the gaming website GameSkinny. When it comes down to it, I love to tell stories, and everyone has a story; I’m here to tell them.
I understand that every project is unique and am able to tailor to your individual needs. My love of gaming drives my competitive edge to meet every challenge head on and I don’t stop until the job is done.  If you are looking for dynamic experiences to further expand your brand, build vast communities to forge everlasting relationships, then you’ve come to the right place.

Contact me below and we’ll work together to crush your next gaming experience today.

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Fun Fact #1

Owns more books than shoes. By shoes, Venisia means sneakers and flip-flops.

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Fun Fact #2

New York transplant in Southern California and the reason Venisia loves flip-flops.

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Fun Fact #3

Venisia loves making things that dazzle. From photography to transmedia, to comics and inspirational quoted images. She has written books too.

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Fun Fact #4

Believes in fitness just so she can eat whatever she wants. Enjoys long walks into the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces.

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